Customer Feedback Analysis

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Customer Feedback Analysis

Analysis of your customer feedback is what ultimately leads to business growth. At Guld Services, all our designers are experienced in the marketing field and not only assist businesses by creating visually appealing graphics that capture attention, but we delve deep into marketing insights, helping our clients make sense of data analytics to understand customer profiles, what drives buying decisions and customer satisfaction, enabling our design services for advertising campaigns to really stand out from the crowd, resonate with prospects while also improving customer retention.

We work with businesses of various sizes from small independent firms to national organisations operating throughout the UK. A common theme are companies being rich in data yet lacking the insights from customer feedback.

Our marketing teams including marketing planners work with businesses to understand consumer trends using a variety of tools to capture, measure and analyse customer feedback via textual analytics such as customer surveys as well as social media monitoring to capture conversations that’s taking place in real-time, categorise the feedback into actionable reports that our clients can understand and use our data insights to improve their marketing campaigns.


Why Customer Feedback Analysis is Vital for Business Growth

Without actionable insights from customer feedback analysis, marketing expenditure can be exponential. Most businesses know that it costs more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing customers. More importantly, existing customers buy more frequently and spend more per transaction because they already like, know and trust the company they do business with.

Our customer feedback analysis service takes a deep-dive approach into customer profiles, identifies business strengths, weaknesses, areas for potential growth and identifies the strongest performance indicators that makes existing customers remain loyal.

By identifying brand strengths and weaknesses, marketing campaigns can be strengthened, referrals increased and expenditure across all marketing online and in print can be reduced because customer loyalty grows a customer base through referrals faster than any marketing campaign can deliver.

If you find your business needs to lower advertising spend by increasing customer loyalty to create a highly engaged customer base, our marketing experts will work with you to go through existing analytics, gather new feedback via online surveys, polls and by telephoning customers to talk with them about their experience.

We provide a customer feedback service that gathers new and relevant data by asking the right questions, then delve deep into customer answers to identify and categorise the data into actionable reports that can be implemented by your business to drive future growth.


The Benefits of Professional Customer Feedback Analysis

Listening to your customers and prospects is the only way to improve the customer experience (CX).

By understanding the customer experience, businesses are better equipped with actionable insights enabling you to:

  • Improve decision making
  • Create better products or deliver better services
  • Improve your operational processes
  • And ultimately, grow your bottom line!

Our Customer Feedback Analysis can be used by businesses of all sizes to get a better understanding of their customers, their expectations, strengths, and weaknesses. Data is uncovered and analysed using a variety of methods with professionally designed reports created by our team that can be used across your organization to improve the customer experience.

To find out more about our Customer Feedback Analysis service and how it can help your business, get in contact with us today.


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