Telephone Calling and Marketing

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Telephone Calling and Marketing

Our marketing managers have extensive experience working with a broad range of clients on a variety of marketing initiatives covering new customer acquisition with strategic marketing campaigns and strengthening customer relations with retention campaigns.


Marketing Campaigns

Our planners can work with you to tailor a marketing plan that has realistic goals set clearly, and the best strategy to implement to reach the goals you need your campaign to deliver.

Beyond that, we cover multi-channel marketing both online and in print and will help devise the most appropriate strategy with extensive details provided on the most appropriate tactics to deploy to reach your marketing objectives.

Prior to marketing campaigns going live, our marketing planning service always includes methods to track campaign performance so you’re always ahead of the curve and ready to switch tactics to alternatives to get your message to the broadest, yet most targeted audience suited to your business needs.


Retention Campaigns

Marketing has been traditionally used to attract new customers to your business. However, did you know that it’s over 300% more profitable to market to your existing customers?

Marketing campaigns that focus on attracting targeted prospects to your business need to appeal to a broad variety of people. Because the pool of prospects is so broad, conversion rates are always going to be lower than marketing to people who have already done business with your company, (hopefully) had a positive experience, and trust your brand enough to buy from you again. And again. And again!

To encourage those future sales, our marketing planning service can be tailored to your existing customer database using analytics you already have to deliver a far more personalised marketing campaign that speaks directly to your existing customers, driving far higher conversions.


Marketing and Retention Campaigns Combined

As advertising specialists, we understand the data points that matter when trying to acquire new customers and increase the customer lifetime value of existing customers.

With a blend of expertise in print and digital advertising, we’re able to tailor our marketing planning and services to meet your business objectives, with a variety of advertising strategies that focus on print advertising and digital advertising on social media, including social media listening to monitor for brand mentions so you can respond fast to protect and enhance your businesses reputation online.

With the right marketing planning, it is possible to attract new customers while increasing the value of your existing customers by tailoring your marketing campaign to the people you already know and those you need to get to know.

At Guld, we take a strategic approach to marketing planning, creating bespoke marketing plans that make the most of multi-channel marketing that’s tailored to meet your business objectives.

All Inclusive Planning and Marketing

As advertising specialists with intensive knowledge in graphic design for print and digital, and the tools to use to spread your marketing message and promotions far and wide, as well as the expertise to deliver exceptional performance, our marketing planning service is an optional (and recommended) add-on to any of our advertising services whether in print, online, or both.

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