Mobile Billboard Advertising

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Mobile Billboard Advertising

When you need your advertising to stand out from every competitor, cutting through the noise and grab people’s attention locally, mobile billboard advertising is the best route to go because it eliminates competitors’ ads.

Mobile billboard advertising can be in print or electronic. Vinyl prints can be displayed on mobile advertising vehicles # that frequently drive around routes you want to attract new customers from letting you reach geographically targeted audiences to capture attention. In addition, standalone mobile advertising billboards can also be strategically positioned along busy roads and intersections, at arenas, areas with high public foot traffic be it city centres, shopping mall car parks or along the routes approaching busy arenas for concerts, exhibitions and museums.

When an event is scheduled that is going to attract a lot of people that would be ideal prospects for your business or organization, or event, mobile billboards can be positioned to grab the attention of other event attendees that would be ideal prospects for your own, increasing awareness and perception of your brand.

As experts in print and advertising, we can work with your marketing team to design bespoke posters to display in highly visible and targeted areas around the UK to make the most impact on your prospects.


Integrating Mobile Billboard Advertising with Digital Advertising Campaigns

Guld’s mobile billboard advertising service is highly effective at capturing audience attention at a hyper-localised level on its own. We can have our mobile billboards swiftly in place around arenas, outside football stadiums, concert halls, busy motorways, service stations and city centres.

However, we can go further to hyper-target and completely infiltrate markets at a local or national level by integrating our mobile billboard advertising with a digital marketing campaign on a local level that takes advantage of smartphone technology by integrating GPS-enabled targeted advertising, getting your digital ads displayed on the smartphones in and around the areas our mobile advertising billboards are located.

When you combine hyper-targeted local advertising with strategically positioned mobile advertising billboards, impressions and responsiveness is increased significantly.


Increase the ROI of Your Local Advertising with Mobile Advertising Billboards

Mobile billboard advertising campaigns are best used when you need to make an impact locally, get your ads noticed and leave an actionable impression on your target audience. These aren’t something just to increase brand perception. By working with professional designers to craft authentic advertising posters that directly relate to your brands persona, advertising campaigns can be highly tailored to match your brans voice, speak volumes to your prospects, inspire trust and drive action.

The difference between online ads surrounded by competitors based on the highest paying client in comparison to a massive billboard in town that’s in direct view of your prospects is not going to go unnoticed.

Our mobile billboard advertising will attract targeted eyeballs, is great for local advertising campaigns or raising awareness of events taking place nationally. And being a non-interruption type of marketing, these are crowd pleasers as they advertise to interested prospects without disrupting what they’re doing.

For more information on our mobile billboard advertising, get in contact us with us today.

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