Social Media Monitoring and Advertising

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Social Media Monitoring and Advertising

Business of all sizes are using social media marketing and advertising to increase brand awareness, engage with prospects directly, shorten the sales cycle and improve customer relations. Businesses that don’t include social media advertising and actively monitor social signals for brand mentions risk falling behind competitors.

The UK has the fourth largest advertising spend globally with an estimated annual spend of £25 Billion. However, tracking the ROI of a business’s social media advertising spend is easier said than done as your analytics need to take into account dark social traffic. This isn’t as gloomy as it sounds and it is good for business because these types of social shares can be measured as direct word-of-mouth referrals. Dark social referrals only refers to URLs being shared in private messaging apps, some that are native to Facebook, email shares, Snapchat and WhatsApp among many others.

Without appending URLs with UTM parameters, web analytics will lump your direct link shares from private messaging apps and email into ‘direct’ traffic, rather than a link that’s been shared from any specific platform. This in turn, skews your analytics making it difficult to track and measure your social media advertising campaigns.

At Guld, we understand the digital marketing landscape and the SMM (social media monitoring) industry and can integrate our social media monitoring and advertising into a broader digital marketing initiative, enabling our clients to track a wider array of web analytics with a  high degree of accuracy of what social platforms are generating the strongest results, enabling your campaigns to focus on the best performing social platforms whilst reducing ad spend on platforms that are being outperformed by others.


Social Media Monitoring for Brand Mentions

Even without actively advertising across social media, businesses can tune into conversations people are having about your brand, enabling customer service to stay current with conversations people are having publicly.

Social media monitoring can alert your business to positive and negative feedback people are posting online on any social media platform or review websites, enabling customer service to respond to praise positively and address customer problems swiftly, efficiently and professionally. Even negative feedback and be turned into a positive by demonstrating a high level of customer care when responding to complaints people are making indirectly.


Improve Customer Acquisition with Social Media Monitoring

Almost 35% of consumers are more likely to engage with a brand directly using social media such as Facebook’s Messenger app, Whatsapp or via LinkedIn and Instagram.

The reason: By being active and responsive across social media channels makes businesses appear more approachable. Prospects can direct their queries using apps they are already familiar with rather than having to telephone, listen to various options to get calls directed to the most appropriate department, wait on hold for an advisor, or for email, craft a more formal query then await a response.

Having customer service agents either in-house or an outsourced social media customer response team, businesses can maintain an active response team across social platforms, respond to customer queries faster and direct people to the most appropriate helpline to get matters resolved, or share links to products that help them with particular problems.

A huge gap exists on social media for brands to increase public perception by being faster to respond than competitors. The average response time for brands on social platforms is 10 hours. People actually expect to hear a response in less than 4 hours. Any longer than that can be considered slow customer service.

Only by using social media monitoring can your agents be alerted to conversations that’s happening, responses that’s required and consumer perception of your company is improved by being faster to respond to queries. If you can respond to a prospects query in under four hours, people are more likely to expect stronger customer service after the sale, therefore, social media monitoring is effective at increasing the speed of customer acquisition.

Guld provide an array of digital advertising initiatives and can integrate social media monitoring monitoring and advertising into our digital advertising campaigns and print advertising using the most advanced technologies across the SMM industry.

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