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Leaflet Streets Handout

Our Leaflet Streets Handout service can be used for businesses to generate leads, drive foot traffic to your business and it’s also an excellent candidate for fundraising and building campaign awareness for any cause.

Local promotions for local businesses can be promoted to thousands of people in any target area of the UK.

  • High traffic transport hubs
  • Shopping malls
  • City centre locations whether in a shopping mall, on the highstreet, supermarkets or high-traffic car parks to promote anything car related be it mechanical or a new car cleaning service.

Every business needs consistent leads and that’s our expertise!

Street advertising with our tailor-designed leaflet streets handout service can be done by handing out leaflets to all passers-by or our experienced leaflet distributors can target a specific demographic.

  • Hip looking youths for nightclub promotions
  • Sophisticated business people in the areas they congregate
  • Any age group your market research indicates would be strong candidates for your product or service, such as families that would be likely to switch a new utility provider.

Our distributors act as your business’s ambassadors, taking to the streets with advocacy in mind. They are briefed on your campaign goals, your target audience, and your businesses service or products.


Attire to Match Your Company Persona

All our distributors are always professionally presented, distributing your leaflets wearing clothing that’s representative of your brand’s voice.  That could be sportswear for leaflets for a fitness club, or smart casual for a hospitality campaign.

Optionally, if you have your own branded clothing, such as company fleeces, or polo shirts, those can be provided to increase your brand’s messaging.


Leaflets Professionally Designed and Distributed

Our Leaflets Street Handout service puts your business into the hands of prospects by knowledgeable distributors with a smile who know how to engage with the public.

To help ensure you get the best value, our in-house team of designers and print specialists can work with your marketing team or the business owner of smaller businesses to nail your marketing message down.

Our leaflets are designed to be attractive with key messages upfront and designed for maximum longevity. We custom design beautiful leaflets that potential prospects will either keep to hand, or pass to a friend who they feel would be interested in your offer.


We Maximise Your ROI with Effective Canvassing in High Traffic Areas

A leaflets street handout service is a popular choice for marketing campaigns with mass appeal. In terms of volume, our distributors usually take to the streets with at least a few thousand leaflets. Naturally, the busier area you’re targeting, the more leaflets will be needed.

This is service is suited to medium to large businesses for store sales, festivals, new store announcements, etc. and for fundraising and charity campaigns to raise awareness of your trust’s cause.

GULD Services can cater to every aspect of your leaflet distribution campaign. Design, print, distribute, evaluate, and advise.

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